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Shrimad Devi Bhagwat DVD Rating :
Devi Bhagwat by Swami Harichetnanandji
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Swami Harichetnanandji

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Synopsis - Shrimad Devi Bhagwat DVD    

Ultimate salvation or the final destination of soul remained elusive and secretive, and haunted the man for ages, as how to attain it. Through the virtue of impressive vocal ability of  Swami Harichetnanandji, we are able to realize the importance of different forms of Power in our life. Since ancient times till modern era, whenever the negative powers began dominating the world, the Deity of Power and energy “MAA” came in different forms to cease them.

Swami Ji has beautifully narrated the ancient stories and examples where “MAA” personified in various forms to demonstrate the fact that – “Truth Alone Triumphs”.

We need Power and Energy in every aspect of our life and how to inculcate that energy always remains a question. But, through our worship and devotion towards “Maa”, we can render ourselves to the tremendous source of Power and energy.

We hope that our effort of presenting “Devi Bhagwat” will help you to discover the spring of liveliness and consciousness and experience the presence of Shakti in our daily conduct. The balance of Power Consciousness leads life successfully and takes you to the “Nirvana” “Mukti” or “Ultimate freedom”

Features - Shrimad Devi Bhagwat DVD    

Language: Hindi
Region: NTSC All
Number of discs: 12
Classification: E
Audio: Dolby Digital
Print: Colour
Subtitle: No
Widescreen: YES
Genre: Devotional


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