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Buri Baat Hai CD - Shehzad Roy
Pakistani Pop Songs
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Singers : Shehzad Roy

Pakistani Pop Songs


CD - 1

  1. Sali Tu Maney Nahi
  2. Dil To Dil Hai
  3. Tumhein Yaad Ho
  4. Buri Baat Hai
  5. Jadu Hai
  6. Yeh Rangeen
  7. Pardesi Piya
  8. Hum Naik Hain
  9. Dil Ki Veerono Mein
  10. Mera Watan
  11. Abhi Dil Darkha Nahi
  12. Jindh Jaan Keniya
  13. Hum Naik Hain

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  • Wow shehzad lookz so fit with hiz new style and i love the song sali tu itz so gr8 - Rating : ***** / Shaiyla
  • Love da song sali tu mani nahi--- shehxad looks so cute in his new hairstyle----u rock man! - Rating : **** / Alisha
  • Shehzad Roy is the most handsome and cute singer in the world. He is simply the best! I love all his songs and his video of 'Salli' is really colourful and fantastic. He always comes up with something new in his music and that is what I like about him. I can write pages and pages about him, his music and videos but will never be able to come to an end! - Rating : ***** / Charu Pathak

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