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JASSI SIDHU No Strings Attached CD
UK Bhangra
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Singers : Jassi Sidhu

UK Bhangra


CD - 1

  1. Puth Jatt Thaa
  2. Honkeh - Weird World Mix
  3. Raahe Raahe
  4. Margay Margay
  5. Rahe Rahe - The Rishi 'Gooks' Rich Mix
  6. Pabi
  7. Honkeh - I'm Still Angry Mix
  8. Fohl
  9. Puth Jatt Thaa - Street Mix
  10. Tappe - Mohk Thearah Chan Vargaa

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  • Hey I think this album is cool and my favourite video is wer u r minature its nyc to c a change.glad to c u bk.we needed sum new base man cos nowadays singers r jus singn things dat dnt mek sense - Rating : ***** / Umzy

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