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Shreenathjini Zankhi CD
Gujarati Devotional
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Singers : Master Rana
Gujarati Devotionals


CD - 1

  1. Eavu Shree Vallabh Prabhunu Naam
  2. Lav Hatheli Shyam Lakhi Dau
  3. Yamuna Jalma Kesar Gholi
  4. Aaj Mara Mandiriyama Mahle
  5. Mathurama Maharanji
  6. Aekade Aek
  7. Krushna Govind Govind
  8. Uncha Uncha Mara Shrijina Dham
  9. Kala Re Kala Mara
  10. Shrijibava Din Dayala
  11. Vallabh Vahla Vinanti Mari
  12. Radhaji Na Dadaji Ae
  13. Jene angani Ae Tulsi No
  14. Rangila Shrinathji
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