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Tari Jeevan Gadi Chali Re CD
Non-stop Bhakti Geet
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Non-stop Devotional Songs


CD - 1

  1. Shantakaram (Shlok)
  2. Ma Baapne Bhulso Nahi
  3. Ishwar Allah Tero Naam
  4. Vaishnav Jan To Tene
  5. Tedu Re Aavyu Durna Gamnu
  6. Tari Jivan Gadi Chali Re
  7. Chhum Chhum Baje Ghughariya
  8. Kabhi Pyase Ko Pani
  9. Tumhi Ho Mata Pita
  10. Shriman Narayan (Dhoon)
  11. Meva Male Ke Na Male
  12. Sukh Ke Sab Sathi
  13. Meru To Dage Pan Jena
  14. Karela Karam Na Badla
  15. Har Har Gange
  16. Tan Man Dhan Shrijna
  17. Khilona Mati Na
  18. Om Manglam (dhoon)

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