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Vehra Shagna Da CD
Punjabi Wedding Songs
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Punjabi Wedding Songs


CD - 1

  1. Surma Vikna Aaya Ni
  2. Kad Lae Jawaani Naal Radkan
  3. Main Challi Pia Pekre
  4. Merian Lal Vangan
  5. Sehre Valeya Veera
  6. Maavan Te Dhian
  7. Sun Heeriye Teri Preet
  8. Vehra Shagna Da
  9. Kanghi Vahwan Te Dukhan Mere Vaal
  10. Aadi Kudiye Jandi Kudiye
  11. Hun Kidhar Gaiyan Ve
  12. Kudma Kalrha Kyon Aayan
  13. Shawa Ni Hun Jago Aayeea
  14. Gidha

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